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hours of daylight throughout the year This site is all about the wildlife on the Isle Arran in Scotland and has details of a wide range of wildlife related events throughout the year and especially during the very popular Arran Wildlife Festival between the 16th and 23rd of May 2007. Arran is a great place to visit if you are interested in wildlife and they have just reopened the distillery which produces a very fine dram this is the NTS website for St Kilda, spectacular place to visit if you have the chance... and a helicopter This is the website for the RSPB webcam at Wat Tyler Country Park near Basildon. To quote the homepage “The premier web resource about birds, birding & birdwatching for birders - hundreds of pages & tens of thousands of links about birding everywhere in the world” very comprehensive site, well worth a visit. this is the award winning website for the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick, Scotland. Have a look at the webcam to see some of the cameras we have installed on the Islands in the Firth of Forth. this is the main site for Scottish Natural Heritage, lots of info on Scotland’s natural heritage here. this is the site for the Cornwall Seals Group who carry out research and observation on a number of sites in Cornwall including Godrevy near Hayle which is part of a National Trust reserve. The Countryside Council for Wales fulfills the same role as Scottish Natural Heritage, but for Wales, obviously. penid=3193 This is the Wigtown Osprey page hosted by Dumfries and Galloway Council. Has quite a lot of history of the last few years of activity and some really good pictures from what has been described as the UK’s best Osprey Camera. English Nature fulfills the same role as the Countryside Council for Wales but for England, but you had already guessed that much. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds website, bit of a mouthful so RSPB for short. A lot of resources available from the website well worth a look. Find more about the Mull of Galloway reserve here. Canadian Wildlife Service, does exactly what it says on the tin, of particular interest will be the Northern Gannet pages. Not a particularly memorable web address though. this is the main site for the Scottish Wildlife Trust, and if you are interested in the Peregrine Falcon then click here to go to the Falls of Clyde page. This is the website of one of our computer experts, dead clever stuff. this is the site for the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, England. Great place to visit. Just pop the Jaws theme on the stereo and you are ready to go.   IMARES Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies
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