February 2017  
  We have been very busy over the last couple of years or so and have been neglecting our website. Firstly we have moved to a new address to allow us to better serve the diverse needs of our customer base and the address can be found on the Contacts page. 

We have just finished upgrading the Camera at Berry head and this is now a Full HD camera offering a 30 x optical zoom and a special marine coating to prevent corrosion for 10 years. Fantastic views of the guillemot Colony and the official opening is 7th April. 

We have also been carrying out essential maintenance on many of our existing sites to extend operational lifetime beyond the originally envisaged term. Budgets are tight in the conservation and visitor centre sector and the maximum value has to be obtained from any investment and we are always happy to work with existing or new clients to help in this area. 

More soon.....


September 2014  
  We have been very busy over the last year or so and have been neglecting our website. We have installed a Full HD robust PTZ camera for the National Trust for Scotland at the Grey Mare's Tail site in the Scottish Borders. The peregrines on this site are pretty nomadic so we designed the system to be easily moved about the very steep hillside every year. We also designed and installed an observation system for Cork College University to observe a Seal haul out on a very remote beach on the Blasket Isle on the far west of Ireland. This provided both a full HD PTZ camera as well as a 180 degree camera providing an image width of over 5000 pixels! This project had to be self powered and we used both Solar panels as well as Vertical Axis wind turbines which are harmless to the Chough population there. We also carried out a site visit for the Galapagos Conservation Trust looking at installing cameras in the Galapagos Islands. Obviously we have also been helping our customer base to maintain and upgrade their systems as well as developing our live video streaming system. More soon.....  

January 2010  
  Outersight win tender to design and install observation systems at RSPB Bempton Cliff reserve on the Yorkshire coast. The reserve is widely regarded as the “English Seabird Centre” with a wider range of Seabirds including Gannets. The remote chalk cliffs provide an excellent habitat and now with the installation of Outersight’s camera systems Visitors to the area will be able to view close up images of the birds without having to leave the warmth and safety of the soon to be refurbished RSPB visitor centre. The systems will be in place for the breeding season in 2010 

Outersight win tender to install observation systems at the Berry Head Visitor Centre in Devon for the TORBAY COAST AND COUNTRYSIDE TRUST. There will be a bat camera to view a colony of the  endangered greater horseshoe bat located nearby as well as some improvements to the existing cliff camera. The new visitor centre is due to open in March 2010


October 09  
  The Isle of May Seals are back! New born pups can be seen live not only at the Scottish Seabird Centre but also live on Outersight's  webcam pages. The cameras are controlled by visitors to the Seabird Centre so will usually be catching the action on the beach. The female seals give birth to their very cute looking white pups and feed them for about a month. The male seals start to loiter at this time as the females are receptive to their amorous advances almost immediately after they have given birth.  

July 09  
  Outersight has just completed a new observation system at Eemshaven in the Netherlands for IMARES. The system is being used to monitor the effect of construction works on the seal colony nearby. The Integrated Pan and Tilt camera with 36x Zoom is sited about 1 KM offshore on a 12 metre pole and is powered by Solar panels and a Methanol Fuel Cell. To minimise the effect of structural vibration we have used a specialised image stabilisation system which allows the system to provide useful imaging even in strong winds and rough seas  

June 09  

Outersight's Camera systems have helped the Scottish Seabird Centre gain the Queen’s Award for Enterprise , a prestigious award recognising business excellence. We are proud to have worked with the Scottish Seabird Centre for over 9 years and look forward to helping the Seabird Centre earn yet more accolades in the future.

Outersight is recruiting and will soon have a new Operations Executive to support our existing operations and our expansion in mainland Europe and beyond. More details soon. 

We have recently upgraded to a new server to host some of our web activity. The new server is much faster and can handle far more visitors and webcams than the old one. For the techies amongst you we were handling over 5Gb of FTP traffic a day and that does not include the video streaming side of things.


May 09  

Outersight has moved to bigger and better premises. As of the 1st of May we have relocated to Unit 28 Stonley Court, Mary Seacole Road , Plymouth , Devon , PL1 3JY. Over the next few months we will be expanding the team to cope with the increasing number of projects that we are working on and the new products and services that we will be offering.


March 09  
  Outersight has been helping the National Trust to bring live images of the Plymbridge Peregrines to visitors to Plymbridge as well as to the Internet. We have supplied the National Trust with a second camera and a solar power system to enable the live images to be beamed out of the forest and onto the Internet. It is hoped that the Peregrines will feature on the big screen in Plymouth City Centre  

March 09  
  Community Windpower have just opened their new wind farm at Aikengall on the hills above Dunbar in Scotland The farm uses some of the biggest wind Turbines on the UK mainland standing approximately 140metres to the top of the turbine with each one of the 16 turbines generating a maximum of 3 Mega Watts which is enough to toast 1.4 million slices of toast an hour. (Ok we made that bit up but you can see the turbines on the webcam pages)  

February 09  
  The RSPB’s new Flagship reserve at Saltholme is now open to the public and Outersight have installed a bespoke Camera system to allow live broadcasts to be made from any where on the reserve and beamed back to the visitor centre and then streamed live onto the Web. More soon  
October 08  
  We have just completed the upgrade of the Isle of May camera systems and this included a new 64 Mbps Digital Microwave link and 1000 metres of Fibre optic cable. The system will be able to carry more cameras in the future as well as provide internet access for the staff and researchers on the island.  See the results on the webcam pages.  
August 08  
  Outersight have conducted a pilot for live streaming from the Edinburgh International Festival. Two shows were streamed live onto the internet for an invited audience. We used our 3 camera setup and Newtek Tricaster Pro to mix live and record at full resolution as well as streaming live.  
August 08  
  We have installed a long range observation camera for EMEC (European Marine Energy Research Centre) in Orkney. The camera is a 5 Megapixel device with a 32 x Zoom lens giving an equivalent of roughly 100x optical zoom at standard video resolution. It is capable of observing sea birds and marine mammals at 3 KM!  
July 08  
  We have installed a remote controlled camera system for IMARES in the Netherlands. The camera stands alone on the Razende Bol Sandflats near the island of Texel in the North Sea. It is link to the mainland by a 3G wireless system and is powered by Solar panels and a Methanol Fuel Cell. email us for details  
  Tigress Productions have used some of our cameras on the GardenWatch feature on the BBC’s One Show to be screened during the week of the 26th May. The all weather properties and Infra Red sensitivity of the cameras is ideal for nocturnal nature observation and we look forward to seeing the results.  
  The Creetown Peregrines have moved yet again but this year but thank fully it is right in front of one of the camera positions we have installed. We atre looking to get some excellent footage this year. It is not online yet but can be seen at the Creetown heritage museum.  
  The Arran Hen Harriers are going to be viewed in megapixel resolution this year with a system we will be installing with assistance from the RSPB and Forestry Commision viewing at Kilmory Hall and online now in the webcams section. The cameras have yet to placed in their final location and are currently overlooking some of Arran’s fine heather moorland.  
  East Ayrshire Council have contracted Outersight to install a wildlife observation system in Dean Castle Country Park. 8 cameras will be installed in the park and viewed at two centres in the park as well as online. Look out for some excellent badger watching. weblinks coming soon.  
  The Scottish Seabird Centre have contracted Outersight to upgrade the Isle of May cameras and Microwave links. When installed this will provide a 64Mbps link to the island allowing for top quality images to be transmitted from the island from several cameras.  
  We are busy preparing for yet another busy few months. With Easter being early this year a lot of work has to be crammed in to make sure every one of our clients is up and running ready for the busy Easter Holidays. If you do need anything installed before Easter please give us a call now as we would hate to disappoint.  
  Happy New Year! to all our existing and potential clients